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5% Factor

The 7 KEYS to Achieving Your Personal Best and Loving Your Life!

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The 5% Factor is designed to inspire confidence and ignite the audience’s human spirit. This keynote leaves the audience engaged and empowered to move forward with those goals that inspire them the most.

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In this powerful and highly engaging keynote presentation, Margaret (Magi) Graziano has audiences reignite their passion and purpose for achieving success. Through her interactive and participatory talk, along with personal stories of overcoming adversity and triumphing, she shares the keys to personal and professional success and fulfillment.

Magi stimulates aliveness and enthusiasm for learning with her audiences, while opening them up to new thinking and actionable approaches that forward audiences’ purpose and passion.


Audiences say she offers motivation, insight, and momentum-building approaches for:

•    Renewing enthusiasm for purpose and meaning
•    Raising self-awareness of self-imposed barriers and limits
•    Moving through fear and making effective choices
•    Owning impact and higher levels of personal accountability
•    Shifting breakdowns into breakthroughs
•    Growing and learning as a lens for life
•    Giving back and being a contribution

Magi shares how dedicating and investing 5% of our time towards our personal and professional development, irrevocably elevates our personal power and performance in life.

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