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Ignite Power

Unleash Your Power: Igniting the Flame Within

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Most people would agree there’s a tremendous amount of untapped power in leaders. And they would also agree that if that power was unleashed it would make a huge positive impact in our organizations, schools, communities, and families. The ripple effect would be unstoppable.

Ignite Power

However, most of those same people don’t know why so much of the power within women remains dormant, hidden, and suppressed.

The key to unlocking this power is the ability to Ignite it. When power is ignited it turns into an unquenchable flame that lights our own paths and the paths of others.
We believe that a
woman with her power ignited is the most powerful force for good on the planet. And when these women march forward together, there’s nothing they cannot accomplish.

Attendees of “Ignite Your Power” will walk away with the following:

Ignite Power

Crystal clarity on their unique vision for showing up powerfully for themselves and others – both at work and at home

Ignite Power

Finding and expressing their “inner voice of power” in a way that builds trust, demonstrates empathy, and commands respect

Ignite Power

The ability to tap into their personal well of unshakable confidence, deep compassion, and grounded certainty.


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