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Walk Don’t Run

Slowing Down to Succeed

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The majority of high performers are achieving amazing results and creating success for themselves and their businesses. Behind the scenes however, 85% of these high achievers struggle with health and fitness challenges, relationship breakdowns, and perpetual stress.  

Walk don't run- Margaret Graziano

Unfortunately, inside almost every high achiever there is entrenched and internal saboteurs that are running the show and wreaking havoc on their happiness, joy, and fulfillment.  

High Performers often pack their schedule so tight there is no room for inner connection and reflection. They race from one obligation to the next and are the ones whom everyone counts on to get things done. Thus, taking care of themselves becomes their last priority. 
It's time to change that.
It’s time to walk, not run. 

Attendees walk away with the following:

Walk don't run- Margaret Graziano

An understanding of the power of self-introspection 

Walk don't run- Margaret Graziano

An experience of how to bring self-connection and connection to others to the present moment 

Walk don't run- Margaret Graziano

Specific tactics to reframe and recalibrate how they work, without sacrificing results 

Walk don't run- Margaret Graziano
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